Friday, December 31, 2010


So I know I have been sorry....come new years I will start blogging again. With it bein the eve of New Years I am feeling very inspired and excited for 2011. There is so much I want to do come this New Yrs I can burst lol...I am lookin forward to sharing more about myself with you guys as well as starting fresh with everthing...I hope everybody have a GREAT New Yrs and have a safe and fun night...cheers!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cinnamon Buns

So lately I've been diggin wearing my hair in a bun...they are so chic and effortless...and make you look like you put alot of effort into your look lol...normally on a daily basis i wear my hair curly so it was nice to re-visit a hair style that I use to wear so often in high school...I notice that bun/top knots have been pretty popular this summer and I see them growing momentum this fall as well with the "lady like" trend  going on...when it comes to buns Jennifer Lopez has it down...she gives good up dos lol...I tend to reference her when doin a up do/bun...I also notice that Kim Kardashian been wearing her hair in buns and they look good on her...

sorry for the crazy face lol

Better late then never!!!

In my last post I mention how I would do more fantansy looks in the spirit of Halloween....I did manage to do a mermaid look and a zombie look....I was suppose to upload the pixs before Halloween but that was a huge FAIL lol...but nevertheless I will still put of the pixs...I rlly had fun doin these looks....they rlly inspired me to play with makeup more...goin forward I plan on showin fantasy looks as well as "face of the day/night" and things that I am lovin and so on....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Face of the Day

I went to go see The Cleopatra Exhibit at The Franklin Institute here in was amazzzzzzzzzzzing her story is so intriguing...she was extremely intelligent and well verse in many languages and very ambitious. It s definitely a must see if you re in the Philly is the makeup i wore for the exhibit.
MAC Studio fix powder in NW45
MAC blush in rasin
MAC brow pencil in spiked
MAC Leopard Lux quad
Loreal voluminous mascara
MAC engraved eyeliner in black
MAC honey salve
MAC lipstick in warm me up

Halloween how I luv thee

So I have this little obsession with Halloween lol....I love all things that embodies Halloween from candy corn candy to scary movies...but most of all I love the makeup and costumes. This Halloween I dont think I will be making a cameo at a party (sad face); so I decided to attempt servereal makeup looks for fun and to fill that void far I have a Cleopatra look and a Corspe Bride look that was inspired by "MissChievous Makeup" she has a youtube channel and does amazing makeup look!!!! I also want to do a Fanstany Meraid look and a Sexy Vampire and hopefully here are the looks that I have done...hope yall like them!!!!