Friday, March 26, 2010

xppinkx's contest:Good Girl Chronicles

Dolly was such a good girl

Always playing by the rules and doing what she was told

Dolly was tired of being so good

Restless and bored she was

She was ready to jump like a cat on a hot tin roof

So one night she decided to be BOLD, DARING, and RECKLESS

She painted her bare face, slipped into her leopard dress that she kept hidden

Dolly went out and found herself at a speak easy

A place where one leaves their inhibitions at the door

She was filled with excitement

She encounter so many characters that society low brows

But not Dolly, for once she found a place that she can wave her freak flag

She dance, she laugh, she drank champagne as if it was water

As the sun began to rise, Dolly made her way back home in her drunken haze

She washes the night away and slip out of her leopard dress that she always kept hidden

Dolly went back to being a good girl, always playing by the rules and doing what she is told....

But every once in a while Dolly finds herself at that very same speak easy

Where she can be BOLD, DARING, and RECKLESS....shhhh don't tell anybody!!!

xppinkx's contest!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Pam!!!! Keep up with the great job!!!!