Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cinnamon Buns

So lately I've been diggin wearing my hair in a bun...they are so chic and effortless...and make you look like you put alot of effort into your look lol...normally on a daily basis i wear my hair curly so it was nice to re-visit a hair style that I use to wear so often in high school...I notice that bun/top knots have been pretty popular this summer and I see them growing momentum this fall as well with the "lady like" trend  going on...when it comes to buns Jennifer Lopez has it down...she gives good up dos lol...I tend to reference her when doin a up do/bun...I also notice that Kim Kardashian been wearing her hair in buns and they look good on her...

sorry for the crazy face lol


  1. so lucky you have such fab hair to pull up in tha cute chignon or bun

    tres jellie