Thursday, January 20, 2011


Easy Pickins belted leopard coat
H&M knit scarf
H&M head scarf
Hue tights
Kennenth Cole boots

did I mention that I LUV leopard...I have been a fan of LeoPard before it became a "trend"...if you were to come into my house, each room has something leopard in it lol...rather it be the throw pillows on the sofa or the table mats in the kitchen...I cant get enough of it...the coat above was a lucky find...I remember images as a child of old hollywood stars rockin leopards coats and thinking how luxe and glamourise they look...I always had a hard time finding a leopard coat...rather the pattern look cheap, the fit was horrible, or the style was blah...then finally I cross paths with this joker and couldn't buy it fast enough lol...I also brought another coat by the same vendor (doll house) its shorter and double breasted...both coats were under $ I want a leopard faux fur coat lol

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