Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paws & Claws Time!!!

I decided to do a segment called "Paws & Claws"...this feature will showcase the nail polishes that I am sporting at the moment....I loveeeeeeeeeee getting my nails done...when my nails look a bit lack luster I feel so un-done lol...not only do I enjoy buying make-up, body and hair products...I enjoy buying nail polishes as well...I have a HUGE nail polish collection and have no idea how many bottles I own but I am always adding to it lol...when it comes to buying polishes I do not discriminant lol...I buy drug store brands like Sinful Colors & Sally Hasen and popular brands such as OPI and Essie...I also wear acrylic overlay on my nails...I know alot of people are not a fan of them and find them a bit tacky, but I have been wearing them since Jr. High...I do allow them to breath when I feel its needed...but I have'nt had any issues with them...I love the shape that it gives and how they help prolong the longevity of the polish. I get refills every two to three weeks and will be probally going to get one sometime next week. At the moment I am wearing a red varnish with red glitters. I had this look since NYE...since I was going for a Audrey Hepburn-ish look I wanted something elegant and fun at the same time so i decided to use "Sally Hansen" polishes in "Cocktail Hour" and "Downtown Rubies."

 Cocktail Hour & Downtown Rubies

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