Sunday, January 16, 2011

Product Review...EOS Lip Balm

I am lovng the EOS lip balm...I first found out about "Evolution of Smooth" lip balms last spring...I saw some of my fav youtube beauty gurus rave about this unique product...I had the hardest time finding it at first and right around thanksgiving I found them in my local Walmart...and now they carry them in my local Rite Aid as well..I am obsess with this product, this sphere shape balm has great benefits...its 95% organic and 100% natural, also it has shea butter and vitamin E which is a huge plus with dealing with such harsh weather...the lemon scented balm contains spf comes in fives scents including a medicated one...I own three of them, yes I said three...thats how much I love this product...I am always on a search for a good lip moisturizer and this one so far has been the balm I've been reaching for (I own a few lip balms) its such a conversational piece, everytime I pull it out people are always so inquisitive about it lol...if your looking for a lip balm please try retails for $3.29 at drug stores and online...I cant remeber how much I paid for it at Walmart but I believe it was cheaper...also if you have a wellness card for Rite Aide you can get it at a lesser price depending on your points lol (hey its all about taking advantage of those good old loyalty cards lol)...hope that review was helpful......

this one is my very first EOS balm in lemon

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