Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recent Purchases

I went to the "Dots" clothing store and "Bare Feet" (known for having a huge stock of footwear at afforable price points...

 I had to get these kicks...they remind me of converses and they are leopard (yall know I luv my leopard)...I couldnt pass these puppies up...and they were only $24.99 from "Bare Feet"

 here is a close up of the sneakers...its a canvas material with metallic/shimmer details...

 I have a very small collection of clutches and as of late started adding to my collection...I saw this clutch at "Dots"...the vivid color caught my attention as well as the shape...its a nice size...I can fit a lot in the texture makes it look of higher quality, even though I only paid $12.00 for it

hair band/turban...I was so excited to purchase this...I've been wanting to try this look for a while...I plan on buying more styles of turbans but as for now I am going to play around with this knit one..I am thinking about adding a broach in the center to jazz it up...and it was $5.00

Lord & Taylor

 I brougt this oversize sweater for $15...I got it in a 1x because I want it to be large on me like a grandpa sweater lol...I live in sweaters in fall/winter...I am rlly big on layering so I like to grab pieces like this that I can pair with different outfits

I needed to replace some old socks (you know the ones you hold on to for dear life that start to thin at the heels and lose their shape lol)...I buy socks from everywhere...rather it be from a street vendor or a H&M store...these jokers were marked down and a extra 30% off...I'm a sucker for printed socks esp if its cupcakes lol...I paid between $2 to $4 dollars plus brought some knee highs and tights (love my tights)


  1. wow! Great deals!! I love those leopard kicks..they are pretty dope! :)

    Ms. B. BAD