Friday, January 7, 2011


So I was inspired by Zara from to do a post of memorable moments of 2010. I still can't believe that it is 2011 already, boy does the time flys.... 2010 was a very interesting year for me lol...good and bad but I wouldnt change a thing....I made new friends, even rekindle old friendships...explore my backyard more (home town) from restaurants to quaint shops and so on...I even experience being on a murder trial yikes!!!!! I manage to have some holiday fun in Alantic City, NJ a few times through out 2010...and just celebrate life and being thankful for my friends and family!!!!

celebrating my Bday(Jan 25th) in AC with my good friend PattyCakes
Family pix(Aunt Shelly, Me, Grandma, Aunt Nikki, Mom) mom is a ham lol
It's your anniversary... Mom graduating from Chemo Therapy...after 10 months of treatments
Maritni's (my dog) bday party (mom,martini, and I)
Aunt Shelly and Leo
doggy bar
Princess aka Martini's future baby moma lol
crusines for the pups
Martini themed decor lol
 Aunt Nikki serving the first course
Me with some jello shots (no pet friendly)

 Isha and Oreo

 Oreo & Peyton
 dog cake...courtesy from the mom-ster lol
 greedy gut papi
 Leo checking out Marty's gifts
 happy birthday to you
 sunny boy hiding out in the basement
 Marty loving all his presents

the after math
the party animal is pooped

Breast Cancer Walk/Mother's Day

Mom-ster & Breast Cancer Vixen

Breast Cancer Walk in Oct
I look like Dame Edna lol
Western Party
Aunt & Uncle

Mom & Victor

Labor day weekend in AC

Donna Summer in Concert at the Trump in AC

Me ina dance trance

 Gaga Concert

Candice & I..Check out Candice's blog
luv this!!!

chec out Candice's shoes...she customized them herself
I want a DiscoStick lol
Happy New Year (Victor & Mom)

Isha & I

I got a bit carried away with this post lol..but it was so much fun to sit back and reflect on the moments I had back in 2010...I want to thank Zara for the great idea and I tag everybody to do a post on their 2010 highlights!!! 

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