Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Copy Cat?

I am a huge fan of J. Lo, ever since her "In Living Color" and "South Central" days (yes I am taking it back that far lol) and Kim K has stated numerous times how she looks up to Jenny from the block...as of late I've been noticing Kim been sporting some J Lo. inspired ensembles and it made me wonder if she has been doing that on purpose..they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery...who can blame her Jennifer Lopez is fly!!!

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  1. Kim is obviously trying to imitate Jennifer.... I mean, come on! Who wouldn't! Jlo is the original goddess. She's always been on top of her game faaaarrrr before there was such things as butt implants, injections (kim!)... Jennifer actually busted her ass to get to the top unlike Kim who made a sex tape and became popular. I remember when being a hoe was a bad thing... I'm just saying.

  2. J lo is the cat's meow!!!! you are hilarious lol

  3. Seriously, we're all copy cats when it comes to fashion. Unless you're designing and wearing your own clothes and you weren't inspired by anyone but yourself.

    and to @anonymous... it's kinda crazy how people say she's a "hoe" or is only popular due to a sex tape. gotta do your research. Ray J was her man so that cancels out the hoe part - I mean unless you know how many men she screwed... and at what number does one become a hoe? lol (good question right).

    Definition of a hoe: a prostitute or promiscuous person.
    (making a sex tape is not stated anywhere in that definition).

    As for her getting popular from the tape - duh! sex sells unfortunately - just like gossip because people are vultures.

    BUT she was popular before the sex tape. Anyone who was paying attention knows that. It's just more people started to pay more attention after something negative happened. She was dressing some of everyone's favorite celebs and even until this day, she's hustling her ass off. She made herself into a brand... Quick Trim, ShoeDazzle, Dash, Kim Kardashian Perfume, Executive Producer of a TV show, has her own show, fashion line with Bebe, Virgin Saints, and Beach Bunny Swimwear, the face of numerous magazines, should I keep going? And let's not forget Dream Foundation. She does stuff for charities, breast cancer and aids awareness. And if ppl think that that came out of something negative oh well. At least she did something positive after it happened. She's not acting like rat stacks. She's smart. I give her props. I can't hate on her or her hustle.

    And I doubt if she slept with RAY J for fame. That would be hilarious and ridiculous. No offense to Ray J but if it was just about that, she had better options.

    And nope "____rider," - I'm a fan and I like facts. Wheeew... sorry for the rant. lol.

  4. that was perfectly said!!!...I agree with you I wouldnt call her a hoe...if you think abt she is pretty conservative and traditional...I am a fan as well and I dont think she slept with ray j for fame (please lol) and like you said that was her man at the time so why throw her under the bus bc she jerk release a personal moment between her and her bf and ray j makin comment that he made her famous is bs, he is so tacky and played out...he is just mad that he hasnt been able to reach the success that she has...one must give it to her she has rlly branded herself and accomplish alot!!!

    No keep your comments comin I can appreciate them lol!!!!

  5. yup! my thoughts exactly @danniedukes! and I had a typo on that last statement. I meant to say, "and no I'm not a ____ rider, I'm a fan." haha.

    happy you understood where I was coming from though! :)

  6. lol...I knew what you meant...love that you comment on my little old blog lol