Monday, March 28, 2011


last night I went to go see "Limitless" staring the oh so handsome Bradley Copper and the Brilliant Robert Deniro! I really enjoyed the movie... I wish there was a pill like that that can make one rich and is one of those movies that made you think what if?

why is Bradley Cooper so hot!?


  1. D
    I saw him interviewed on The Actor's Studio a few weeks ago. ( Renee was still in the picture) He seems really sweet and just a nice guy. Those beautiful eyes just add to his charm plus he's tall which now seems unusual for leading men except my baby Vince Vaughn. He's that funny , teddy bear cute, nice guy sexy. Bye, ME

  2. u make a good point..alot of men in hollywood are short lol...who would had known u fancy Vince V...i agree he is a funny,teddy bear nice guy!