Friday, March 25, 2011

The Look for Less: Boat Shoes

As of late I have been doing inventory on my shoe collection and notice it's pretty sad...I've been doing some spring cleaning and got rid of a lot of shoes I don't wear any more...I have a list ( I'm a HUGE list maker freak) of different styles of shoes that would like to have for spring/summer and one of them being boat shoes...I remember when I was a young gal I had a pair and they were so versatile as well as comfy...I can so see boat shoes now going well with my wardrobe for the warmer days approaching...

I have my eyes on the brand Sperry (know for boat shoesSperry boat shoes retails between $70.00 to $85.00, which I think is pretty reasonable for a quality shoe...but for someone who may just want to try the style or just don't want to dish out $80.00 bucks there is a alternative...Payless! payless has their own version of the traditional boat shoe and I think they look sooo adorable, they retail for $26.99 (not bad)... I plan on buying a pair and I will let you guys know how they work out!  

Sperry Top-Sider

Payless Ahoy Boat Moc

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  1. Dear Dannie,
    I agree about the $$. I bought Taylor a pair of sperry's 2 years ago and she only wore them that season. They are the traditional brown. I like the payless idea because you can get a fun color without spending alot. You do have to be able to carry of the look. Morgan and I do not look right in Sperry's or Polo ( pop-collar) looks, that all goes to blondie, preppy, all-american Taylor. Thanks for the info about payless. ME