Thursday, April 14, 2011

Current Obsession: Mildred Pierce

Words can not explain how much I have fallen in love with HBO's five part mini series "Mildred Pierce"...Mildred Pierce is a 1941 novel by James M. Cain...In 1945 it was made into a movie starring Joan Crawford...This story takes place during the Depression and begins with Mildred cheating husband leaving her...Mildred goes through struggles with trying to run a household with two daughters...after making ends meet, Mildred gains success and independence but in spite of all her efforts she fails to gain the approval of her spoiled daughter Veda-interesting right!? The acting is superb-Kate and Evan was just fabolous and Morgan Turner (who plays younger Veda) was deliciously evil in the series, which I loved..this series was so juicy that I couldn't resist watching it mutiple times...I am a sucker for series and movies that takes place in a particular era and "Mildred Pierce" served great acting, wardrobe, and cinematography (yes I notice those things lol) BRAVO, BRAVO!!!!

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