Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Bits & Bobs

I stopped in H&M on my way to work the other day and grab a earring set and a ring...I saw a lot of stuff that I want out of there...being in there made me so excited to shop for summer, they had tons of romantic tops and flowy dresses, I love that store I can always find goodies out of there...since I was on my way to work I didnt have time to really comb through everything and try on some stuff but I did manage to grab some accessories...Yall must make a cameo at your local H&M to check out the goodlies!!!

Also I back 2 MAC and broght Ruby Woo lipstick...I have tons of red lipsticks but not a true matte red...this lipstick is such a essential for any red lipstick fan.

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