Monday, May 2, 2011

Eiffel Tower, Cocktails & Dessert

This is a bit late but I figure I share lol...On friday after work I had my heart set on going home to a glass of wine or two and watching the royal wedding but that didnt happen...My mom suggested I meet with her and her friend at the Kimmel Center to go watch the Eiffel Tower light show and wine tasting...On my way there I ran into my pal PattyCakes and got the chatting with her so I miss the wine tasting and the light show, but I did manage to do a photo op with the Eiffel Tower and of course I had to get a cocktail before my departure which was quite yummy...
Not wanting to end the night just yet, my mom, her friend and I decided to walk around the city to see where we should go next...On our way from the Kimmel Center, which is located on Broad & the avenue of the arts I spotted a Bride and her Groom having photos taken in the middel of the street (which is one of the most popular spots to have your picture taken, broad and walnut to be exact...due to the William Penn statue as the backdrop)...The Bride looked happy and beautiful, I tried my best to get a photo of her but I was to slow lol...Broad street was shut down due to the festival that was taken place on Sat...I didnt attend due to laziness...any who, we first went into a tavern but it was too chaotic so we went to one of my fave places -Max Brenner Restaurant...I love their desserts...I always said when I go I will order food but I cant help just wanting desserts, next time (fingers cross)...
While in Max Brenner I notice a group behide us that appear to be on a date...which look like a blind date...yes I am that paparazzi...there were a lot of people there on dates and I must say I would reccomend Max Brenner to be a nice place to go on a date at...After all of that when I got home I had order take out from this new Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from me...their food is sooooo good and fresh, that was my second time ordering from them...well enough of my babble below are some pixs I manage to take!

The Kimmel Center Eiffel Tower Light Show

 Bride & Groom getting photos taken

Max Brenner Restaurant
1500 Walnut Street (15th st between Walnut & Locust)

 I order the melting truffle heart cake & shake (drools)

My mother's friend Dot order a kangaroo drink which is like a expresso or a latte with a biscotti
  more pixs of my dessert

my mom just order a cup of joe with a shot of baileys, she didnt have much of a sweet tooth that night...I really didnt plan on taken pixs that night but I am glad I time I will do better guys and take better pixs...with the tempertures rising I plan on coming out of hibernation mode and taken photos of me being out and about...I love when I see other bloggers and youtubers take photos or make videos of them out and about or just simply vlogging...I hope you guys enjoyed my post in spite of the lack luster photos lol until next time!!!!


  1. was rlly good and the perfect proportion!