Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Mom-sters

With Mother's Day approaching, some of us rather have no clue what to get mom or maybe waited to the last min. to grab something...when it comes to my mom not only is she the hardest person to buy for, she is also very hard to please would think that I would have it down to a science of what to get her but no!, she always manage to suprise me with her reactions normally I'll give her a card that melts her heart or makes her chuckle, or better yet get her a fragrance she may had mention she liked...My grandma on the other hand is so easy to please lol...
Scents can be very personal and hard to get somebody, so one of my suggestions is to take the person's personality into consideration the next time you give a fragrance as a gift...for example, are they somebody who is fun and flirty, maybe they will like a fruity or floral scent; maybe they may be a romantic and sensual, a spicy or woody fragrance may be a good choice...but if your still not sure, try something with a fresh base or perhaps a eau de toilette (not as concentrated as a eau de parfum)...Marc Jacoba Eau So Fresh is a nice clean scent that would be a safe fragrance to give as a gift...the notes consist of grapefruit, raspberry, apple blossom, musk, violet, cedarwood, and plum...I really fancy this scent, its clean, freah and oh so appropriate to give to mom!!!

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