Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Up Date!!!

Hey Guys!!!! sorry I've been m.i.a but I will be back to updating this week...also I would like to welcome new followers, thank you I highly appreciate it!!! I hope everybody had a fun memorial day weekend...I feel like I'm about t go into  bbq coma lol...thanks again to everybody who find my little blog interesting lol...I plan on getting back to the program...catch yall later I have tons to update!!!!


  1. mignon comme photos c'était pas le retour des marine dans le années 50?

  2. hey...I'm not too sure what your question is (I dont know french) but I guess it is in reference to the photo above...the photo reminds me of fleet week and I thought it was a nice image...what I know about the photo is that it was the end of WWII.