Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little cameo in AC

As I mention in my "Face of the Night" post, I went to AC for a night last weekend...I went with the mom-ster and her boo lol...we went to Bally's Hotel & Casino...inside the hotel we visit the "Blue Martini" club: "This chic setting offers more than 100 variations of martinis, top-shelf liquor, live music and a bar with a built-in frosted ice rail - perfect for keeping the chill in your glass while your night heats up in one of the hottest clubs in town. Live entertainment is offered Fridays and Saturdays"...
The Blue Martini use to have karaoke which was so much fun to watch but they took it away and added a burleque show which should be nice...since we went on a sunday there was no live entertainment but there was a DJ that was playing good music...also the bartender was on point lol, he made me a mean apple martini I had to get another one (yall will see me carrying my 2nd martini in a lot of pixs, I had to babysitt it because it was kinda strong but it was oh good to not finish lol)...after we left the Blue Martini we went right next door to "Noodle Village":Noodle Village offers fast, friendly service, and delicious, authentic Chinese and Vietnamese dishes...I love going to Noodle Village, the food is yummy and the service is good and quick...once we were done we headed back home about 5:00 am on a monday and later on that day we had a BBQ at my house with family and friends.

The Blue Martini in The Bally's Hotel & Casino

Check out the frosted ice rail on the bar

The Mom-ster

check out the couple dancing over my mom's shoulder lol

Noodle Village

*websites photo*


poor Vic, he was getting sleepy; check out my apple martini...I took that joker everywhere lol


  1. Looks like you had fun! I like that ice on the bar I have to check that out the next time I'm in AC