Wednesday, August 10, 2011

H&M Fall Collection

I must admit I am looking forward to fall (I am so over summer) lol, not only for the crisp air and autumn leaves but most important the fashion!!!..I always been a fan of the fall especially the clothes, I love to layer with scarfs, chunky knits and experiment with textures...I am diggin H&M fall collection...when I was in H&M last week I notice a few bits and bobs that will be perfect to add to my fall wardrobe from dresses to light weight knits and can I just say the color palette is gorgeous-jewel tones will be very popular this fall, my personal favorites are emerald, garnet, amethyst and topaz...I plan on doing more post on fall trends in the future...I still have some summer related post that I've been meaning to blog about-from summer essentials to summer makeup...sorry for the lack of post, I will be back to things soon!!! xoxo

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