Saturday, September 10, 2011

OOTD: Take Me To The Greek

H&M dress, flowers, earrings
Arden B necklace, cuff
Dots bronze sandals

A few weeks ago my family and I attended a wedding…it was a renewal of vows-the lovely couple has been married for 30 years (WOW)…the wedding and ceremony was so beautiful and special, you can really feel the love in the room and I was so honored to be a witness of such a beautiful night!!! 

I had a vision on how I wanted to look for this day and was inspired by the Showtime series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” lol…now hold your horses I wasn’t going for a S&M look or anything kinky lol…I am not sure if yall are familiar with the series and or watch the show, but it is hilarious and clever in my opinion and you can catch all of the seasons 1-4 on demand lol…but any who the wardrobe on this show is amazing, especially from season 3-4…the main character Belle has this retro meets modern style-from her accessories, hair and wardrobe…

This show takes place in London and is so ahead of the trends its ridiculous…for example, when the series was on air during the spring they touch on color blocking and midi length dresses, to showcasing the infamous Mulberry bag and so much more…during season 4 in episode 6 I believe, Belle met a co-worker at a bar and she had a side bun with HUGE flowers pinned to her hair and major accessories hence my bun and jewelry…she worn a romper while I opted for a pleated maxi dress…this dress was a last minute choice, I love everything about this dress from the color to the style…I cant wait to wear it with sweaters and cardigans come fall…I wasn’t to hot about my shoe option, I really wanted these nude suede shoes I was stalking but nobody had my size and I just gave up and settle for these bronzy flat sandals…my look came off really Grecian or byzantine hence the title of this post, even though that wasn’t my attention but I still enjoyed the outcome of it…

I feel like I just gave yall a song and a dance lol…but I really want to get back to doing more outfits of the day and makeup looks and so on…this summer I didn’t really wear too much makeup with the heat in Philly it just made me want to throw on anything that was cool and convenient…I still have to do a few post that I’ve been wanting to get out before the end of the month, also welcome all new subbies, I highly appreciate, catch yall later!!!!

Mom-ster Outfit
Vintage dress
Unknown shoes
Micheal's arts & crafts flower

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