Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Let The Fluffy Tails Fool You!

So some of you guys may not care but I just read online that the Bravo channel may pick up the short lived show "The Play Boy Club"...After three episodes NBC cancel the show, in my opinion that was a huge fail on NBC part...I was really digging this show-from the characters, wardrobe and the oh so swanky back drop of the 60's, a time where so many social revolutions/movements took place...I am a sucker for shows and movies that takes place during specific time periods and the 60s being one of them...every monday I would look forward to watching this sexy series...seriously I've been so sad about the show going off air I've been ranting for weeks lol, and just a few moments ago I read on a fan site that there's a huge possibiltiy that Bravo may pick it up, I literally jumped for joy, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Bravo give this bunny tale a chance, yours truly Dannie Dukes lol!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Haul: MAC & Rite Aide

This month I picked up a few bits and bobs nothing major, but I thought I would share with you guys since its been a while since I did a haul and make-up related post...A few weeks back I went to the MAC store with my mom, she need to stock up on her essentials (she has a MAC pro card bless her heart, I have yet to get one but I make sure I'm by her side when she decides she wants to make a cameo at a la MAC lol) me on the other hand just needed some foundation and back 2 mac some containes to get two lipsticks and a lipglass...I was going to grab more stuff but I became a bit overwhelm with what to get lol...its funny because I litterally keep a mini notebook on filled with randomness including my MAC lists, but had a hard time deciding what esle to add to my bag lol I'm nuts I know lol
I was using MAC's Mineralize satin finish foundation and Loreal's true match liquid foudation this pass summer...with the weather getting cooler I was craving for a more creamy and emollient foundation, so I decided to get studio tech cream foundation...this has always been my holy grail foundation from MAC as well as the first foundation I ever brought from MAC when I was 19...I love how the coverage is medium to full coverage, it really give me this nice velvet finish...the color I have is NW45, I can also get away with NC50 too.

I decided to get Rebel (R to L) lipstick because I seen so many good reviews on this color and with it being officially fall now I thought the color was a perfect fit, it a very wearable plum color...Florabundance lipglass was always one of those milky pink colors that I always wanted but would never buy,I think it looks good on it's own as well on top of any light pink or nude lipstick...and speaking of nudes I had to get Half n Half lipstick, just the name alone was enough for me lol, it is the perfect nude brown for my complexion
Half n Half

I was in Rite Aide the other day and grab some halloween makeup...I was going to do some looks but just havent been in the mood for it, which is shocking to me because I love fantasy makeup and halloween, but I do plan on grabbing more stuff when it goes on sale lol and doing fall looks

Ghostly White and Blood Red

 Catch yall later and stay tune!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Camel Toe

Kim & Kris in Dubai...only Kimmy would wear Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Mary Janes on a camel lol...
Sorry I've been m.i.a guys, had a lot going on but rest assure I will be back with blogging and all that jazz...I have a few post that I want to share with you guys so stay tune for that! thanks again for sticking around and for the new followers, it means a lot to me!!! TTYL!!!