Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Let The Fluffy Tails Fool You!

So some of you guys may not care but I just read online that the Bravo channel may pick up the short lived show "The Play Boy Club"...After three episodes NBC cancel the show, in my opinion that was a huge fail on NBC part...I was really digging this show-from the characters, wardrobe and the oh so swanky back drop of the 60's, a time where so many social revolutions/movements took place...I am a sucker for shows and movies that takes place during specific time periods and the 60s being one of them...every monday I would look forward to watching this sexy series...seriously I've been so sad about the show going off air I've been ranting for weeks lol, and just a few moments ago I read on a fan site that there's a huge possibiltiy that Bravo may pick it up, I literally jumped for joy, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Bravo give this bunny tale a chance, yours truly Dannie Dukes lol!


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  1. I'm also upset they cancelled it! Guess they are scared to have anything a little controversial, hope the Bravo thing is true I would definitely watch it again if they picked it up.