Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Tea

I first heard about Rooibos tea from the good old Dr Oz last month ( I luv that show!!!) so this week my mom purchase it from Nature Nutrition vitamin shop the other day...this red tea comes from a red bush thats native to South Africa-it has so many great benefits such as:building strong teeth and bones, helps skin conditions like acne and eczema...the tea has antioxidants and flavonoids that contribute to longevity and has ZERO calories

info via natures nutrition & ehow.com

The Essentials

 I've been trying to stick to taking my daily supplements, when I was younger I use to be so good about taking them but the past year or so I just been lazy-it needs to stop!!!! plus with Mr Frost lurking around the corner, I am not trying to get sick and since I'm working crazy hours I want to make sure I am getting the proper nutrients!!!
I have to make sure smarty marty get his daily dose as well lol


didnt have time to make breakfast today so I just settle for a glass of OJ and a apple...then 30mins later I took my ass to good ole dunkin donuts and brought a med coffee and some hash browns lol

Fruit for the soul!

nothing like a bowl of fresh fruit to snack on!

The Lady Is A Tramp

images via fashionising.com

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope everybody is enjoying this special day...I ate good today lol-my stepfather made fried turkey on the grill today, it was really good...I wish I took pixs but I was too busy eating and maxin 'n' relaxin lol...well I am about to throw in the towel, my ass have to be at work at 5:45am ugh...between me and you I rather be at home in my pj's watching the telly lol...chat with yall soon!!!

image via google

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Piggy With It!

Ms Piggy is fly, Luv her!!!!

Cute As A Button

Vicky with her pride and joy

You Fancy

Girl In The Window

How hot are these pixs?!?!
Model-Anna de Rijik
Photographer-Giampaolo Saglio

images via fashiongonerounge.com

Ravioli & Tea

I just made some ravioli (canned of course) and a cup of hot tea in my fave mug...I added brown sugar and some ketchup to doctor it up ;)...it has been a pretty chilly day so I decided to make myself a cup of mango peach tea-very yummy...I would love to capture this scent as a fragrance...I think the tea sachets are so adorable...I want to buy some rooibos tea-I hear it is quite yummy...have any of yall tried it before?

Dirty Laundry

Today Martini and I made a trip to the laundry mat...my dryer is under construction at the moment so I had to dry my clothes at the laundry mat...while I waited for my clothes to dry I figure I take some pixs of my partner in crime Martini, he had a hard time figuring out where we were at lol-he kept snipping people and the washing machines...so finally I gave him a snack to chew on...this was my first time at this laundry mat, it is right around the corner from my house which was uber convient, cute, and clean-this was my first time every using the laundry mat so while my dryer gets a new heart I will come here!
how lovely do I look with my pink clogs and cherry socks-one can imagine what the rest of me look like hahaha

A Plate Of Heaven

Last night my mom-ster made me a salad that was oh so delish lol, the salad consisted of romaine lettuce, spinach leaves, craisins, sweet & hot peppers, pepper turkey, and chesse-I drizzle some wish bone robust dressing, I know it is not the healthiest but it's my fave...and to top it all off I had a glass of red wine!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling Retro

yesterday I was feeling a bit retro-I wore my hair in a semi beehive and liquid liner (FYI- I had a retro moment back in 2006 lol)

Old leopard hair scarf (tooken from my mom-ster)
H&M coat
MAC shy girl l/s and sweet strawbaby l/g

*check out martini's toy box behind me lol*

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Over the weekend my dear friend Nguyet got married- I was so excited and honored to be part of her special day...she look so radiant and happy...click below to see pixs from the ceromony and reception!!!

Face of the Day:
MAC studio tech foundation NW45
MAC Gleeful blush
MAC Brown Down e/s on crease
MAC Modelette e/s on lids LE
Maybelline brow pencil in brown
Maybelline great lash mascara
MAC cream liner in Blacktrak
MAC Empowered l/s LE
MAC Modesty l/s

 Dress- Easy Pickins
Sweater- To The Max by Max Azria
H&M red clutch
Hue opage tights (not shown)
Easy Pickins suede wedge booties
then switch into
Bandolino leather & patent ballet flats(not shown)
sorry I forgot to take a pix of me in my outfit :(