Monday, January 16, 2012

Dec. 2011 Faves!!!

Here are my fave products of the month of December 2011, click below for more details

with the cold weather in full force I've been mixing Johnson's baby oil gel in lavender with my body moisterizers and it really locks in the moister all day
my mom brought us large and small bottles of this LaTouche body & hand lotion...this lotion is so concentrated one does not need a fragrance in conjunction with this...there is no details of the "unique" scent, but it reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier LE Male, which is fresh and warm... you can purchase this lovely lotion on ebay here 

Mac Fix + has been coming in handy, I like to spray this on my face after my moisterizer or after I do my makeup to set it
L'Occitane immortelle eye make-up remover has been a life saver for the month of Dec, since i wore a lot of glitter and dark liners this bad boy removes everything w/o irratating my eyes, plus it has anti-aging perks which is always a plus in my book lol

currently I have a full sewn in weave and I like to moisterize my scalp with the mega care oils, currently I am using the grapeseed oil, but they do come in olive, carrot, and she butter, and its only $1.00, can't beat that

 I really like the Wet N Wild liner, dare I say better then Mac black track fluid line, not only does it gives a intense black, and it last all day

MAC Rebel lipstick been my go to lipstick, love the intense black berry color

 I ran out of my MAC studio fix powder and I wanted to try something and decided to try the L'Oreal face powder in coco, love the coverage and feel of this powder
I like to use MAC 180 brush to apply this powder, its perfect

I still like to use bronzer in the fall/winter, it gives such a nice glow and bring warmth to the skin during the cold months
also in the first pix of all my faves, the maybelline stilletto liquid liner is still one of my fave liners, It allows me to give a nice subtle flick on my eyes

what was some of yall faves during the last month of the year, comment below and share!!!


  1. I love baby oil gel! It gives a nice glow to the skin I like to mix it with a little liquid bronzer in the summer. Fix + is always a fave!

  2. Great post love ur faves! Rebel is on my list!