Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OOTN: Dots *heart* Skulls

This is what I wore to the concert-I originally had another outfit in mind that involved fuzz and leather lol. The outfit did not work out; I am so glad I tend to bring options when out of town, a gal just never know when a fashion emergy may occur...The pix doesn't show my outfit in it's entirety-my sheer sleeveless top is longer in the back, which covers my bum and my leggings has a velvet stripe on the side like tuxedo pants.

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 Mia bar & lounge in The Ceasars Hotel

My Momster

Mom, Isha, DJ, and yours truly

H&M- Blazer
Lane Bryant- Scarf *faux McQueen* lol
Rainbow Shop- Sheer sleeveless top
HUE- Leggings
Forever 21- Cuff Necklace
Easy Pickins- Boots