Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Up Date/ Easy Pickins Accessories

Easy Pickins is one of my favorite retailers including H&M, Dots, The Rainbow Shop, Zara, Old Navy and others...I know a lot of you are new to my blog and I want to share with you all my main inspiration behind my blog...One may have notice that I don't spend a lot of money on fashion (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I wanted to showcase that one do not have to spend mega bucks to be stylist...granted we all have our vices and like to indulged in things that may be consider luxury or high quality...But I also wanted to share with you all that there are so many retailers and companies that sell fun pieces at affordable price points...Which leads me into doing more "Outfits of the Day" so one can see that you can create a fun look without spending a lot of money, especially with trends constantly changing... like I mention before I do have my vices and I do invest into items that I consider essentials or classic pieces, but overall I enjoy shopping for the look for less!!!!

As I revamp my blog I will include a about me section where I will display my purpose of my blog, as well as more about me and so on...I know this post was entitled "Easy Pickins Accessories" but I felt the need to explain more about my blog and the direction I want to move in...Thanks again for following my blog!!!

Last Friday inbetween me changing locations during happy hour lol, I stop into Easy Pickins real quick just to see if anything new came in...I notice they have a new shippment of accessories and I couldnt turn my cheek lol...

Spike bracelets $1.99

Skulls bracelets $1.99

Gunmetal/stones bangle $5.99

Multi color gem set $7.99

Studded Faux Leather purse $12.99

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