Friday, February 8, 2013

January Faves!!!

It has been a long time since I have done a "Favorites" post, and after watching so many gurus vlog about their favorite goodies, I decided to share what has been making me a happy camper during the month of January lol...

With it being so cold and dry out, my skin have been pretty dull and the texture has been the opposite of smooth...I decided to purchase skincare products that I was fimilar with and budget friendly...
In the past I've had good experiece using Ponds products, especially during my teens...this moisterizer have really put the life back into my skin, it melts right into my skin and keeps it hydrated all day, which is very important for me with having uber dry skin...also the cream does not interfere with my foudation! if i could change one wee thing about it, I wish it was a little more emoillient, but other than that I enjoy using this cream day and night and even though it saids it is for dry skin, I feel as though it would be great for all skin types.
Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner has help improve the texture of my I mention before my skin been pretty dull and rough due to the change of weather..the pore refining toner not only help with restore a more brighter complexion and texture, but it also allows the ponds cream to really soak into my skin!

Since the hoildays I have been uber obsess with using highlighters on my face...I have been reaching for MAC's mineralize skinfinish in "Gold Deposit" and "Petticoat" (LE)...I love the healhtly glow that it gives me, especially for my everyday look, which is very natural...I like to use the MAC 187 brush to apply them, it allows me to control the amount of product I apply and easy for my to blend into the skin...also my fave msf blush has been MAC "gleeful", it is such a pretty rosey color for my complexion.
Not only has my face been lack luster, my poor tresses has been suffering too...
Creme of Nature leave in hair conditioner  has "come in handy", it has been a life saver for my dry hair...I like to use this product on dry and wet hair, it makes styling my hair so easy...also this products helps with strenghting the hair...great for all textures and chemically treated hair
Profectiv Growth Lotion is the cat's meow, this moisterizer really hydrates the hair and it encourage hair growth, which is a plus! but most of all I find this product to be great for both natural and relaxed does not make the hair feel greasy or weight it down...I actually find this product to make my relaxer last longer...
Creme of Nature with Argan Oil perfect edges is such a handy product to have for fly aways, curly edges and up dos...I am not a huge fan of gels, because they tend to make my scalp itch or cause breakage... I enjoy discovering gels or pomades that are great for tamming the edges without drying out the hair...this gel has argan oil in it, which allows the hair to get moisture and shine

I am starting to see a trend here with the amount of moisterizers I have been raving about lol...
Palmer's cocoa butter formula and Vaseline are oldies but goodies...I love palmers cocoa butter, I like to use it on my hands and since I work with my hands a lot, this moisterizer helps keep my hands from feeling tight and rough...and the best part is the scent, I have yet to smell another cocoa butter that compares to this scent, it is so yummy!!!
Vaseline lip therapy has currently been the only lip treatmeant that has been keeping my lip hydrated and you can see the wear and tear of the package, this joker goes everywhere with me lol.

The scents that I have been wearing during January has been "Narciso Rodriguez For Her", "Flower Buds", and "L'Occitane Eau des 4 Reines"
Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her', is a musky sensual eau de toilette...I love heavy scents like this one during colder months...some of the notes are: vanilla, vetiver, rose, and orange blossom
Flowe Buds, is a scent inspired by "Victor and Rolf FlowerBomb"...I just so happen to pick up this bad boy from the flea market this past summer lol...and can I just say I wish I brought more, the scent for less "scent-less" lol...notes: bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, and tea
Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane, has been one of my fave scents that I rediscover this past Jan...It is such a classic fragrance and perfect to layer with other perfumes...notes: turkish rose, grasse rose, bulgarian rose, moroccan rose 

Finally my last favorite for the month of January has been L'Occitane limited edition Lavender Amber candle...I brought this candle a few years ago when I use to work for the company... I am not sure if  L'Occitane still bring out these candles during the hoildays anymore, but if they do this year, I will stock back up! this fragrance is so lovely and burns nice and slow, very woody and sweet...

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