Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Great Gatsby Makeup Look


A while ago I had did a makeup look inspired by the film "The Great Gatsby" when it first came out...If any of you follow me on instagram you might had seen a few pixs of the look I created...Even though it was a while ago I wanted to share some pictures with you all...Not only did I use the film as a reference, but I also looked at images from women of that era and brush up on my fashion history on how Women styled their hair and the trends on beauty.
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In the 1920s, the cosmetics industry was involving and expanding, which encourage women to experiment with new looks. Cinema Actresses had a huge influence on women’s fashion, especially in beauty. Blush became all the rage in the 1920s; red and orange rouge was the color of choice, it was place directly on the apples of the cheeks to achieve a flush appearance. Also “cupid bow” was a popular shape on lips. The cupid bow style mimics a heart shape where ones’ natural lip line was manipulated. Lined kohl eyes and thin brows was another distinctive characteristic from the roaring 20’s.
Popular Cosmetic manufactures emerged during this time such as, Maybelline and Helena Rubinstein. They were the innovators of many cosmetic products that are used today. These companies catered to women by developing products like stencils for the perfect lip shape, cake mascara for dramatic eyes. Rouge was placed in fancy compacts for style and function. The 1920’s Woman was a modern Woman, discarding conservative traditions of what was beautiful by society standards. After World War I, not only were Women expressing themselves through beauty and fashion, they also begin taking on Men’s roles. This was an era that was all about being bold and liberal and it spoke volumes in beauty.


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