Sunday, February 2, 2014

Honey Obsessed...


Honey is not only great for relieving sore throats and giving one a boost of energy,but there are many beauty benefits of honey such as, treating a wide range of skin complaints from sensative to acne prone skin...Honey is a natural antiseptic which helps fight off bacteria and nourish skin...Cleopatra used raw honey to maintain a youthful appearance, due to the healing properties that honey contains, it replenish the skin with moisture without irritation, which is why it is found in many products from skincare, hair care and baby products!
Through out the month of December and January I have been on a honey high...It started off with the Honey & Shea hand cream by Le Couvent des Minimes that is known for their natural skincare recipes...I purchased the hand cream from Walgreens and I noticed that Ulta carries Le Couvent des Minimes as well...I never noticed before that Nivea had a variety in lip conditioners, when I first purchased the Nivea Milk & Honey chap stick, I fell in love instantly...The texture melts right into the lips and gives a subtle shine...
has anybody smelled the Marc Jacobs fragrance in Honey? I finally tried it out on myself to see how the scent settles on me, and I love it! while waiting for the train to come home a polite stranger said to me, what every you have on smells good, so you know I have to own it now lol

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