Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Faves 2014

Here are a few of my faves during the month of January... I had to narrow it down to a few because this post would had went on for days lol... So moving forward I will casually do a post on a product or two that I am loving in between my monthly faves...This way I get to showcase products that I enjoy and give a review on it without having a extremely long post...So lets get into the faves!!!
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I've been on a hand cream and lip conditioner kick all month...I never purchase so many moisturizers all at once, but due to the harsh cold weather the east coast been encountering a gal need to stay hydrated!  
The first hand cream that I would like to show love to is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector...this is a oldie but a goodie for me, I was first introduce to this product back in 2007 by a co worker...I forgot about this product until my mom gave it to me and remembered how I loved the earthy scent and balm like texture...this product is a personal preference, one may not like the scent nor the thick is great for very dry skin (which I have) and for one who works a lot with their hands...a product like this will help protect the skin from harsh weather and combat dry and cracked skin.
A few post back I've raved about the Nivea lip conditioners range...I like to use the lip butter at night before I go to sleep and while lounging in my boudoir lol...and the scent is just the bees knees...this butter keeps the lips very hydrated and make a great base for lipsticks and glosses.
Another cream favorite has been the Le Couvent Des Minimes  nourishing hand cream in Honey & Shea..This hand cream has a high concentration of shea which is great for dry and dull skin...Also due to Honey healing properties it will not irritate the skin and will treat skin complaints.

I believe I spoke about MAC Modesty lipstick before but this was my go to lipstick all of Jan...this pinky/brown shade is great for all skin you can see mines is darn near gone and gross looking lol...Nymphette has been another oldie but goodie, this pink lipglass has tiny gold particles, which adds jazz to the cotton candy pink color...I like to wear it online or on top of modesty...I actually wore this lip combo on my Birthday on January 25th.
Pure Tiffany by Tiffany & Co. has been a perfume I have been wearing a lot all winter...this scent is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way, it is a clean, floral and mature scent...On Tiffany's site the notes consist of magnolia, jasmine, sensual woods and so on.
I don't hear people talking about Kate Kate Moss for Women perfume, which is ashame because this scent is so pretty and timeless...This scent is a floral-spicey scent, notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, patchouli, and sandlewood...I think this scent is a safe scent to give as a gift, just in time for V day!

I am a big advocate of face toners, I find them to be such a essential in my skin care regime...I love how clean my skin would feel after washing when using the Loreal Hydrafresh is great for all skin types; I have very dry skin so I did not experience any breakouts or lack of moisture while using this toner...Due to the Pro-Vitamin  B5, my skin remained hydrated, which allowed my skin to accept my day and night cream...This toner is very gentle on the skin and really refreshes the skin too... the bottle is empty, but the toner itself is a pretty pink tone.
Last month I waited to the last minite to check out Bath & Body Works candle sale...I managed to buy a few bits, but the one that stands out was the White Barn Vanilla Cedarwood candle...I loveee this scent, if I could I would love to have this scent in a body cream or perfume...I am so mad at myself that I discoverd this candle so late...The scent is sweet and woody and I burn it sparingly lol because I don't want to see it go bye bye yet lol ...I went back for more but it was sold out, even online so I hope Bath and Body Works bring back this sexy scent this fall and if they do, I will stock up lol!!!!
I hope you enjoyed my faves, feel free to share what you were loving durning the month of January!!!

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